About Us

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By Engineers. For The People.

Our mission is to build remarkable commercial and residential projects that define the city’s landscape for years to come.

Over the last decade or so, our team of passionate engineers has been committed to building projects in the hearts of Vadodara and Gandhidham. We take pride in delivering residential and commercial spaces to individuals and businesses in India.

Founded by a group of passionate Engineers, we’re proud of the work we do and the realities we shape. It is perhaps, our greatest pleasure to delivery beautiful homes and thriving commercial spaces to our clients who have grown to love our way of working.

Above everything else, what matters to us the most is the relationships we build with our clients, vendors & teams.

What Defines Us

Our Values

Welcome to CTC Developers, where we don’t just build properties; we craft environments that inspire living and spaces that foster businesses. With over a decade of excellence in the real estate industry, we have become synonymous with reliability, quality, and innovation in Vadodara and Gandhidham. Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision to create not just houses and offices, but homes and commercial spaces that hold the potential to transform lives and landscapes.

Our Mission

At CTC Developers, our mission is two-fold: to enhance the quality of life through exceptional living spaces and to empower businesses with commercial environments that are conducive to growth and success. We believe in a holistic approach to development, considering the communities we serve, the environments we impact, and the futures we build. Our projects are more than just constructions; they are the seeds of communities thriving in harmony with their surroundings.

Our Projects

Our portfolio spans a wide range of meticulously designed properties, each reflecting our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. From luxurious residential complexes that offer a sanctuary of peace and comfort to state-of-the-art commercial hubs that drive business forward, our projects in Vadodara and Gandhidham are landmarks of quality and design.

Residential Properties: Our homes are designed with the modern family in mind, offering a blend of comfort, style, and functionality. Each residential project is a testament to our dedication to quality, featuring thoughtful layouts, high-quality materials, and beautiful landscapes.

Commercial Properties: We understand the dynamic needs of businesses today. Our commercial properties are designed to provide flexible, efficient spaces that can adapt to the evolving demands of businesses. From retail spaces to office complexes, we build environments that foster productivity and growth.

We invite you to explore our projects and discover the difference that CTC Developers can make in your life, whether you’re looking for the perfect home or the ideal commercial space. Join us as we continue to shape the landscapes of Vadodara and Gandhidham with developments that stand the test of time.

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